And the Award Goes To…!

This has been a busy week for us.  Tuesday was an annual industry update meeting with our suppliers.  At the end of the meeting, Stilly River Mechanical was recognized for excellence in the industry.

Yesterday was the annual Snohomish County PUD Registered Contractor meeting.  Now that the PUD’s programs are running well, they are focusing on refining the programs.  They eliminated many contractors from their list this year as  a consequence for not meeting the PUD’s standards.  Not us, don’t worry.  On the contrary, Stilly River Mechanical was one of only two contractors to have a 100% pass rate on the installation inspections!  That means that every single system that we installed last year not only passed the inspections of L&I, but also from the PUD inspectors.  We’re so proud to be giving our customers the very best.


Ahem, well, we’d like to thank our parents, and the coffee girl, and… no?  No acceptance speech necessary?  Well, at least we would like to say thank you to our two awesome employees, Brycen and Devan for delivering quality every day.

Just give us a call if you want us to bring the awesome to your house!  (360) 387-3788.