The Fair is Coming! The Fair is Coming!

This morning in town, I watched a local firetruck help hang the banner for the Stanwood-Camano Community Fair over the road near Viking Village.  Each little reminder that the fair is coming is thrilling to me.  Taking my kids on rides, watching their little faces light up, walking through every animal display again and again throughout the weekend.  Oh, the food!  Mmmm…  The fair is something I’ve doing my whole life in this little town.  There’s a reason that it is called The Best Li’l Fair in the West—IT IS!Fair

I mean, there was the time that my older brother, 15 at the time, carried my 5 year-old self around on his shoulders while he hung out with his friends, the year that I worked at the fair for the entire weekend, working parking lots by day and babysitting cows by night to earn funds to pay for National FFA Convention, watching our son Leo start walking at our booth, the list of fair memories is awesome and long.

But the best part of the fair?  The people!  Everyone comes out, and we get to see all our favorite locals.  It’ll be the teachers from high school, and the long-lost friends bringing their kids to experience the fair, the folks who run all our favorite businesses.  These are the faces of our town.  It’s the chance to connect with the forces that makes us a community—each other.

We’ll be at the fair.  We have a booth right where you can see us.  Stop by, say hi, connect.  Stand in the comfort of our air-conditioned booth (yes, that unit is running—it’s just that quiet).  Snag a bottle of free, cold water.  If you want, ask us some questions about your system, schedule a Clean & Service, or sign-up for our Oldest Furnace Contest.  I can’t wait to see you at the fair!Fair