Before You Know It

Does anyone else feel like their life is a blur right now?  No?  Just me?  Nah.  I didn’t think so.  This is a busy season.  Suddenly, the weather is changing, the morning air crisp and bright, enough to send you back into grab a hoodie (or a sweater, whatever).  The kids are in school.  I was speaking with a friend who commented that the energy as you walk through town when the kids are in school is entirely different.  I think he’s right.

If you have kiddos like several of us here at Stilly River Mechanical, the season suddenly becomes tense with stacked up kids’ appointments—soccer practices and games (check out Coffey Co in the Heritage Park parking lot for your morning fix), swimming lessons, and homework.  Trying to enforce chores and bedtimes and healthy dinners, and being friendly instead of drill sergeant-esque, and sometimes just pausing in the whirlwind, and—in what should be a moment of peace, inner reflection, prayer, something along the lines of self-care—you notice that your home may or may not look like a bomb of kids’ stuff exploded everywhere.

You may also be trying to squeeze in the last quick trips before winter.  Camping in the Cascades this time of year is beautiful, and so many of my friends are dashing off to the coast for a couple days.

Seahawks fans are suddenly trying to squeeze weekend tasks like grocery shopping around the games.  If you’ve ever been to QFC during a game, it’s a bit eery, almost post-apocalyptic, how dead it is in there.

And the “sudden”-ness of fall will continue to get us—have you seen the Halloween displays everywhere?  Hunting season is just about to get underway.  Then somewhere along the way, we remember that we should winterize the house—eek!  With the threat of frozen pipes looming, we hit the Ace—say hi to the manager Terri; she’s lovely—and stock up on faucet covers, batteries, and bottled water.  One other thing that should be on your busy fall list: service your furnace so that it will perform for you reliably this winter.  Fortunately, that’s a lot easier than remembering which days which kids have to bring snacks to the soccer game.  Just give us a call (360) 387-3788.  We’ll take care of the rest.  Except the soccer snacks.  You gotta handle that yourself.